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Converting Your Calls With Inbound Call Tracking


You’re neither the only car dealership in your area, nor the only car dealership carrying your makes and models in your area. The internet has shrunk the world, making it easier to shop multiple dealerships without leaving home. And incentives don’t work nearly as well when everyone’s using them. So for a car dealership looking to leverage every possible advantage, what’s left? Many dealerships are turning to call tracking software from companies like CarCasm.

What is Inbound Call Tracking?

In much the same way that web traffic leaves traces through cookies and IP addresses, inbound call tracking software allows source attribution for inbound calls. So, for instance, your website can have a different toll-free number than your local television ad, and your pay-per-click campaigns can use a different number altogether.

How Inbound Call Tracking Works

Each system works a bit differently, but in their broad strokes, they use a combination of specially-generated local and toll free numbers for different marketing channels. The calls coming from these numbers can be integrated with a wide range of analytics, CRM, and advertising tools, so you can gain insights into buyer behavior. Furthermore, because you can assign different numbers and advanced call routing, you have a granular look at which campaigns are working.

Inbound Call Tracking Benefits

Call tracking provides a number of benefits to car dealerships. It makes sense, since a Google / Ipsos study found that 70% of mobile users were using click-to-call in the course of their buying decisions. Call tracking helps you understand, reach, and convert people who are already primed to buy.

Ease of Use

Once it’s set up, call tracking integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and workflow. You won’t even notice it’s there until you log into your dashboard for your analytics. Added benefit: with the ability to record calls for quality assurance, it’s a natural fit with your existing training program for your sales and service writer staff.


Odds are that you’re up to your eyeballs in software: accounting software, a CRM, dealership management tools, Google Analytics, and much more. Rather than viewing call tracking as one more ball to juggle, it helps to see how it can tie together the many different tools and systems you’re using so they work together, and not at cross-purposes.

Caller Metadata

One advantage of internet advertising is the wealth of information you can gain about your customers. While caller metadata isn’t quite as granular, it’s still very robust; it includes metrics like phone number, geographic location, and the pages visited on your website.

Better Targeting

Microtargeting and ad retargeting have revolutionized marketing. Rather than broadcasting, then praying that your message reaches the right people, inbound call tracking helps you target with precision, and to follow up those calls with retargeted ads that “follow” users as they browse.

Proof of What Works

Speaking of marketing on a wing and a prayer, another benefit of inbound call tracking is the ability to see what is, and isn’t working. You’ll have the big picture — what’s working and isn’t — along with insights at the micro level that let you split test, break out your conversions and attribution, and better understand your customer lifecycle.

Start Inbound Call Tracking Today

More than a web design company, CarCasm is a full-stack tech solution for car dealerships. To get started on your call tracking journey, or to customize our robust and ever-growing selection of solutions to your dealership, get in touch today.

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