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Strategizing Successfully and Navigating a New Normal

Strategizing Successfully and Navigating a New Normal: “Our Digital Doors are Open!” 

 As items like toilet paper flew off the shelves and many families and couples learned what it was like to truly be “shut in” together the past month, our world definitely underwent some major change. You may have caught up on “Tiger King”, pulled out family photo albums, and tried to successfully (or not so much!) make some new recipes, and now could be itching to at least get a bit of fresh air again. 

 We are Proud to Have the “Digital Doors” Open! 

 Digital marketing and advertising is at the core telling stories and seeing to it that the right target audience is reached by your material. On the positive end of the month or so we have just experienced, everyone we know has had time to think about what stories are most important to them, and some of the core values and experiences they hold the closest to them. 

 In many different areas of business, there is a bit of apprehension right now, and we are fully understanding of the existence of fear and what it can feel like to not know what tomorrow brings. We have passionately talked among each other the past month about where we see ourselves in the future, and how excited we are to be thriving and there for our customer's needs during difficult times. 

 Becoming a True Beacon of Light During the new Norm

 If there is one thing that we believe customers will not stand for in the days to come, it is insensitivity. Every transaction will need to be backed by a promise, and the American spirit that was the backbone of so many new businesses will more than likely roar fiercely in the face of adversity as a force of positivity. 

 We have noticed a sense of earnesty and concern among strangers that we have really been moved by the past month. By having our digital doors open we are excited to convey to you that when we ask “Is your family ok?” and “How are you getting by?”  that we are passionate about taking turmoil and turning it around. We are happy when we hear from you that you are doing better than ever. 

 The Call of the Wild: 

 The sense of kinship that getting through a difficult event can bring about is almost as intense as the call to an outdoor destination to endure a survival race. As summer approaches and we are able to cherish some cautious time outdoors, we are constantly reminded that at the end of the day, we are all in this together. 

 Our grocery employees and team players such as the US Post Office have really stepped up lately as well and given us an opportunity to sit back and reflect on the times when safety becomes such as issue that it changes the course of work forever. We've seen a real spike during the last few weeks from companies out there wishing to update websites, launch new channels, and create social media campaigns, but also recognize that things are not going to be full steam right away. 

 Reflections on Family: 

 We have decided lately that we are going to stay even more connected to family, and that means YOU! Things like college football games, hometown tradition, special days like Mother's Day, and events like births in your family, you can always drop us a line to tell us about them. We'll be thinking of you, and your day-to-day safety and vitality. 

 Dreams aren't always built in a matter of days, and digital ones aren't either. We've been paying a lot of attention to our family's lives the last month and know that you all are too. Whether it's through Facebook messenger or cautiously in person, the people that we love have been our anchors to care for us most and encourage us. We proudly have the digital doors open and are eager to provide the level of service we have up to this point and strive to embrace the days ahead with positivity, vigor, and most of all: understanding. 


Our promise as developers is to put quality work into every project while delivering professional expertise and most importantly exceptional customer service.

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