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Competition is fierce among auto dealerships. Whether you’re an independently-owned dealer trying to stand out among your competitors, or an auto group attempting to corner the market, your inventory alone won’t be enough. Even the best efforts of your sales staff, finance department, and techs can fall short, because most people aren’t visiting the dealership first; searches start online, with savvy shoppers researching specs, comparing ratings, checking reviews, and comparing pricing before they even consider their choice of dealerships.

Those same people are kicking your dealership’s tires before they ever show up for a test drive. You can either despair at the changes, or ride the wave; a well-designed and mobile-optimized dealership website from CarCasm can give you a decisive edge.

Flexibility Matters

One of the only constants in this industry is the constant rate of change. New models arrive on a rolling basis, with next year’s lineup being rumored (and asked about) before this year’s vehicles are even done debuting. Sales promotions, recall alerts, dealer incentives, and even parts and service specials are continually changing. A website that seems etched in stone just won’t do.

That’s why our websites offer a high degree of customization. Every page on your site can be customized when it’s built, but just as importantly, you can update on an ongoing basis with no outside help to speak of (though we’re always close at hand when you need us). Every aspect of your site, from page content to navigation, can be modified quickly and easily: your home page, including your banners; your inventory, your landing and content pages, and your sitemap. Furthermore, all pages have access to all CarCasm widgets.

Responsiveness is Key

Desktops and laptops aren’t the only way people search the web anymore. In fact, for most people they aren’t even the primary search tool. Mobile devices like phones and tablets are top of the heap now, so it’s important that sites are device and browser agnostic, displaying and working properly whether someone’s using Safari on a laptop, Firefox on a desktop, or Chrome on their tablet. Our sites are engineered to provide a fast-loading and clean interface across a wide variety of platforms.

Keep Your Options Open

Much as a new Toyota Corolla or RAM 1500 goes from good to great with the right options, a website that offers a high degree of customization shines a lot brighter than one that’s simply “off the rack.” We put a few more tools in your kit to expand the customization options for your dealership website.

Search Engine Optimization

The flexibility, mobile responsiveness, and ease of content management we offer doesn’t just benefit your dealership. It benefits your customers, giving them a logical and seamless shopping experience. And when they’re happy, Google is happy; sites that perform well for users perform better for SEO purposes. We offer a wide range of other dealership SEO services as well to give your site a boost.


Just as your parts department probably carries accessories like roof racks and cargo organization systems, our websites have a number of plug-and-play “accessories” in the form of widgets that expand your site’s functionality. You can add advanced search tools, link to social media, insert a loan calculator, and a whole lot more with a few mouse clicks.

Additional Integrations

You can’t have someone monitoring your site around the clock, so consider a chatbot to assist when there’s nobody around. Or take advantage of other services, including CARFAX® Snapshots, individualized landing pages for your sales team, social media widgets, and much more.


Our CarCasm engineers can help you get even more from your dealership website, whether it’s doing more with your out-of-the-box options or even custom integrations. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Eager to get started? We’re just as eager to help. Call us at (954) 361-1227 or email CarCasm® support at support@carcasm.com for more information.

Our promise as developers is to put quality work into every project while delivering professional expertise and most importantly exceptional customer service.

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