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Showcasing Holiday Promos for Your Car Dealership

It’s never too early to start getting your ducks in a row when it comes to getting your car dealership ready for the holidays. That’s especially true since it seems like each year sees the holiday season starting earlier and earlier, making it hard to make your promotional messaging stand out among your competitors. CarCasm has the knowledge and tools to help your dealership break through and enjoy a prosperous season, and today we’re going to show you where to start.


Plan, Then Plan Some More

If you’re just getting started on your holiday marketing plan, it’s not too late (yet). However, you are at a bit of a disadvantage. Besides the usual “Big Three” holidays of this season (Thanksgiving/Black Friday, Hanukkah, and Christmas), there are other “holidays” — some dictated by the calendar, others by the market — to be aware of. These include New Year’s Day, Cyber Monday, countless manufacturers’ seasonal sales events, and even newer entrants like Giving Tuesday, which can be a great way to tie your dealership’s community involvement to your sales goals. Knowing your objectives and your customers will help you identify your targets; that, in turn, will point you to the tools you need to reach them.



No, not the band. The principle. Namely, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Simplicity is your friend, partly because it will keep your messaging clear, and partly because the fewer complications to your marketing plan, the better your chances of success. Rather than tailoring different messages for each platform, come up with one theme to unify everything. Having just one idea that has a simple emotional hook and a clear benefit ensures that you’ll be able to keep the message, brand voice, and branding consistent no matter where you’re telling your story. This is useful since most dealerships aren’t relying on a single channel; it’s especially helpful for a multichannel approach that encompasses pay-per-click, social media ads, banner ads, and retargeting. That’s because your message will be reinforced through repetition instead of forcing customers to digest a new approach, or respond to different goals on different channels.


Identify Influencers

Social proof is more than a marketing buzzword. More and more often, brands are turning to influencers — users whose opinions can sway others — to build credibility and business. Can’t afford a Kardashian? Don’t worry. Your dealership’s best evangelists already walk among you. Micro-influencers, the everyday people who know, trust, and love your dealership, have a story to tell about your business, and that story can carry great power among the audience you’re trying to reach and persuade.


Know Your USP, and Use It

The USP is your Unique Selling Proposition. If we’re being honest, we know that everyone’s selling on price at this time of year, making sale prices one of the less-effective ways to draw business. That’s doubly true when your margins are on a razor’s edge and sales across the industry are either flat or falling. A sale price or dealer incentive won’t create a sense of urgency (especially when savvy shoppers know another sale will be just around the corner, and they’re patient enough to wait). So what else do you have to offer them? If your dealership offers products or services that stand out from your local competition, don’t be afraid to lean on that; again, you have a compelling story to tell, and it should be one in which your potential buyer or lessee can easily see themselves in a starring role. 


Get a Helping Hand

This is a busy time of year that calls for all hands on deck, and that can put a significant strain on already-limited resources. Having a suite of dealership marketing tools at your disposal can help you maximize time and drive sales. Consult with CarCasm to make your dealership marketing a success this holiday season, and to lay a solid foundation for the year ahead!

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