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Boost Conversions With SMS Marketing For Your South Florida Business

Have you ever noticed how often you check your phone? It’s something of a trick question since it’s something most of us do most of the time without thinking about it. In fact, the average person checks their phone a whopping 85 times a day. Followup question: do you know what that means for your car dealership, and are you positioned to take advantage of it? If you’re not sure, SMS marketing services for car dealerships, like those offered by CarCasm, are a great place to start.



What is SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. To the layperson, that means text messages. SMS marketing often falls under the broader umbrella of mobile marketing, and it’s an important part of that. CarCasm directly integrates SMS into your sales funnel to warm leads and boost conversions. But the advantages don’t stop there.


The Advantages of SMS Marketing for Dealerships

You wouldn’t answer the phone for a number you don’t recognize, and you may be hiding from your overflowing email inbox, but how often do you ignore a text message? By some estimates, SMS marketing far outperforms other methods like web, email, and print, with open rates north of 80%. That’s a great bang for the buck. It’s even better when you understand that engagement as simple as a parts or service special helps build loyalty, and keeps your customers coming back.


What’s the Catch?

Ah, but you knew there’d be a catch. SMS marketing requires opt-in. That isn’t a bad thing. After all, it’s not just to keep you on regulators’ good side. It’s to preserve customers’ goodwill as well. Those high open rates we mentioned earlier are a byproduct of trust; abuse that trust and discarded text messages will be the least of your worries.


5 Tips for Better Conversions Using SMS Messaging

But let’s assume you’re committed to doing this right; your customers have opted in, your team has delivered a great experience, and you’re rarin’ to go. Now what?


  • Less is more: Message too frequently and you’ll leave your customers feeling overwhelmed and spammed. That, in turn, makes them more likely to opt-out.

  • Don’t limit yourself to text: MMS, or Multimedia Message Service, is an opportunity to say more and say it fast. A photo or video often conveys a lot more than a wall of text.

  • Target: This is true of any dealership marketing, but it’s especially important for SMS. Use the data from your CRM to make sure the right information gets to the right people, turning browsers to buyers and improving engagement for owners and lessees.

  • CTA: High open rates help, but results are more important. Make sure each message has a CTA (call to action) that drives actions and behaviors that help your dealership.

  • Mind your metrics: Tracking matters too. Knowing open rates and behaviors lets you fine-tune your campaign as you go, and also helps improve ad retargeting.


Working with CarCasm

Something else that’s worth keeping in mind: effective as it is, SMS marketing is just one facet of a broader marketing strategy. Just like a Jaguar wouldn’t get far with only one cylinder, you want your dealership marketing firing on all cylinders too. That’s why it’s important to make sure your message is clear, that you’re covering all your bases, and that all of your marketing efforts and collateral are telling the same story in support of a cohesive message. You don’t have to go it alone. For better dealership marketing, get expert help starting with a phone call or email to CarCasm today!


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